Safe drinking water is a basic human need. Beyond from being a necessity it is also a tool to empower humans to be more productive, efficient and achieve greater heights. Saora’s safe water systems are designed with the end user in mind, making it applicable and suitable to many situations

Remote, rural or temporary settlements

Villages that are remote or even in rural areas of developing countries are often struggling with access to clean and safe drinking water. Natural water sources are often polluted and the village itself is too far from the existing treated water supply grid.

Emergency situations

Natural and man-made disasters frequently result in a population of vulnerable people. Apart from needing medical attention, psychological support and food aid, access to safe drinking water is an immediate and vital component of their survival.

Satellite school and health facilities

Satellite school and health facilities set up by well intending organizations serve communities that are impoverished, unable to support these facilities. The continuous running of these facilities however is part of a bigger programme to uplift them socially and economically. Having access to safe water would alleviate the function and role of these facilities.

Eco tourism

The features of Saora’s systems make it a perfect complement in completing any eco-tourism initiative. Be it a sea side resort, a homestay in a mountainous area or a tropical camping site, the quality of drinking water is never compromised.

Customized commercial applications

Industries are expanding their businesses rapidly, reaching out to expand their businesses, pushing the limits and exploring new ways to maximize production efficiently without costing the environment. Water is always a resource which is involved, be it for production, a waste product or simply to fulfil the needs of its employees. Saora is able to provide you with a customized solution.