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Key Competencies

Built on experience and expertise, Our stakeholders can always expect a wholesome solution more than receiving merely a technology or product.

Planning, Design and Construction

Our Company studies the requirements of the project and our partners’ potential. Based on the gathered information we analyse, plan and then construct the solution to be technologically, operationally and commercially optimal.

Water Facilities
• Surface Water Intake Works (SWIW)
• Water Treatment Plants (WTP)
• Reservoirs
• Water towers
• Industrial and communal water distribution networks (establishment, upgrading or downsizing)
• Shaft wells, horizontal wells drilled wells, monitoring wells
• Sewage Facilities
• Sewage Treatment Plants (industrial and communal)

  • Mobile Water Purification Systems 
  • • 20/40 feet ship ing container, or multiple palette size according to partner  preference and requirement 

Operations and Maintenance Services

Through years of operational experience, we are in the know how of general and technical knowledge required to operate off grid facilities or waterworks. Saora Industries uses the most advanced technologies,integrated and further developed by our experienced and highly trained engineers.

• Efficiency enhancing
• Reducing technological or business water loss
• Various pipe cleaning technologies
• Operation and Maintenance of sewage systems
• Water quality control
• Energy efficient operations

Business Consulting Services

Saora Industries has gone through a significant transformation over the last few years – from a start-up we became a regional company with international references. We are ready to share the wide range of experience gained during this process with our potential partners facing similar challenges.

• Off Grid Water utility evaluation
• Development of water pricing strategy
• Development of efficient customer service systems
• Project management
• Development of corporate strategies

Engineering Services

Our Company has introduced, developed and integrated a number of leading technologies during its day-to-day waterwork operation.

• Loss management (reduction of non-revenue water, leakage detection, water loss analysis)
• Implementation of automated and uniform business management and decision support systems (SCADA)
• Workforce management
• Reading, remote reading and billing systems
• Energy efficiency improvement
• Flood and disaster management
• R&D

Research and Development

We are actively expanding our global research and development partners to realize “the next big thing” for the solution of water crisis that is always looming. We are very proud of the progress that has been achieved and will further accelerate our development and commercialization by expanding our research networks with external organizations, and by alliances with venture enterprises that have unique state-of-the-art technologies.