System Features

We take the time to design and tailor our systems, warranting that each solution offered meets the needs of the relevant stakeholders.

User Friendly

All parts and fittings of Saora’s systems are labelled for easy identification, access and adjustment. The systems are also accompanied with a user manual which contains all information needed for self-servicing or basic maintenance activities.

Low maintenance

Saora’s systems composes of parts made with highest quality control measures. Parts are sourced and tested individually and as part of a system. Usage of highest grade components, cuts down maintenance and logistical support costs.

Production Capacity

Saora produces a different systems, each suited for different water sources, energy requirements, logistical situation, output requirements and other specifications decided by our clients.

Energy Efficient

Saora’s mobile systems are equipped with solar panels and battery packs that provides the necessary power needed. This makes the systems self sustaining and environmentally friendly. Systems may also be designed to supply basic electricity for lighting and charging small electrical appliances.

Top After-Sales Service

Each system is supplied with a comprehensive service programme to maintain the quality of water output, efficiency of energy usage, minimization of waste water and downtime. Service visits are scheduled regularly to check on the water quality and the system itself.