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Saora Industries offers extensive products that are based on these five types water; Water Vapour, Fresh Water, Brackish Water, Sea Water, Waste Water.


Water Vapour is the purest form of water available. In areas where there is no natural source of water, atmospheric water generators replicate condensation to produce safe water continuously.


Fresh Water is not readily available in many places around the world. Naturally occurring sources are not 100% safe for human consumption without proper treatment and supply infrastructure.


Brackish Water occurs mainly in coastal areas. It is the second choice for natural clean water however it is not safe for long term human consumption.


Sea Water is vastly available and accessible to dry areas such as desserts, beaches and islands. These areas may not be economically accessible through conventional infrastructure and cannot utilize naturally available seawater due to its salinity.


Wastewater is any water that has biological and non biological waste. It can be used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities. At a global level, 80% of wastewater produced is discharged into the environment untreated.