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Around the world, most off-grid areas have scattered layouts, small population and complex terrain. Centralized collection and processing of water has the disadvantage of being expensive investments and having complex maintenance management. 

Saora Industries promotes decentralized treatment by using our low cost and easy-to-maintain systems. It has the advantage of being low investment, low power consumpting, odorless, low noise, long service life, with simple maintenance and management systems. Saora Industries can significantly improve off-grid living by providing water and financial savings.


In certain situations, drinking water is urgently needed and a matter of life or death. In these instances, building sustainable long-term water supply infrastructures is time consuming and not feasible. Deploying portable systems that are robust, easy and fast to install without taxing the environment is the best way to deliver much needed drinking water. 

Purchasing is not the only way to deliver the systems which are needed. Saora arranges lease options for organizations, governments and NGOs intending to put into place temporary short term solutions, where they are needed.


General Characteristics of Saora's Products

Membrane filtration is a pressure-driven separation process that employs a membrane for both mechanical and chemical sieving of particles and macromolecules.