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Air To Water

Principle of Saora AWG

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Basic Technical Process Flow Diagram of Saora AWG

Process Description

Saora’s machinery for water production replicates exactly what happens in nature, using a minimum amount of electricity. Saora’s unit is able to produce, under optimal conditions, from 120 to 18,000 liters of water a day. The technology has been designed and developed to meet all the requirements of robustness and portability required. Among the most distinctive features are: steel chassis, hydraulic pipes and fittings in stainless steel, hydraulic and electrical preparation for packaging machine, structure with anti-corrosion painting, cooled water supplies circuit, storage tank.

The process of generating water from the air used in the innovative technology replicates the natural process of generation of the rain, when water vapor is cooled, is converted by condensation into liquid. The air, previously filtered, is conducted inside the generation unit. The contact with specific heat exchangers maintained at a controlled temperature induces the condensation of the air in the water, which is collected in the storage tank.

The water is mechanically filtered using a package of activated carbon filters that removes unpleasant odors and tastes. The sanitized and filtered water is then mineralized via special mineralizing cartridges, or, optionally, via the micro-dosage and dilution of concentrated mineral salts. Before being delivered, the water can be optionally cooled by a chiller which makes it pleasantly cool to drink. To avoid contamination from outside through the tap, the last stage of treatment is the irradiation of ultraviolet rays (type B). Dedicated probes continuously monitors the quality of the water preventing the dispense in case of any issue is detected.

Water Vapour Specsheet