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Containerized Solutions

General Application

At Saora Industries, we develop our own container solutions for energy systems from 15 kWp to several mWp, depending on our customers’ needs, demands and preferences. We deliver a complete, ready-to-use solution in the form of a completely equipped container which only needs to be installed.

Designed to provide electricity in off-grid and remote areas and applications such as villages, industrial and commercial sites, the hybrid power solution also acts as a reliable backup in case there is not enough definitive power supplies, or even a lack thereof.

The hybrid solution is pre-wired and pre-configured, so it can be commissioned and installed within mere hours of arriving at the specified site.

With its remote controller that ensures prioritization of the lower-cost power source, monitoring and diagnostics, the need for local supervision and control is immediately eliminated. Plus, with its ability to control multiple units, adjusting to changing demands is easy.


• Quick deployment, reduced installation and commissioning time
• Cost savings in terms of on-site construction
• Reduced operating costs and emissions versus diesel systems
• Standardisation of equipment
• Its modular systems allows for energy containers to be combined to increase system capacity and can be duplicated across regions (especially for areas that are too remote to be supplied by the power grid)
• Speedy scale output to meet growing demands
• Simplification of maintenance
• Primarily uses solar energy, and can be combined with other energy sources
• Higher uptimes and quick identification of issues before unplanned downtime happens (such as disasters)
• Multiple systems monitoring and control

No matter the choice, Saora Industries will provide a plug and play solution with minimal installation, within a secure storage in isolated and heat-proof containers.