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Sea Water

General Application of Saora Brackish & Seawater Systems


Technical Process Flow Diagram Sea Water Purification

Process Description

Saora reverse osmosis membrane acts in the form of a physical barrier for the hydraulic flow, allowing selective permeation of the solvent (mostly water) 99.99% retention of the other dissolved substances (mostly salt).

Reverse osmosis processes are generally divided into three categories:
• High-pressure reverse osmosis (5 – 10 MPa, as in seawater desalination)
• Low-pressure reverse osmosis (2 – 5 MPa, as in brackish water desalination)
• Nanofiltration (0.3 – 2 MPa, as in softening of drinking water)

Saora Industries provides well-founded technical recommendations for the optimum membrane product use in the most different operations. Focusing on our strength in economical operational systems with long-term stability, we have developed modular systems, integrating the stages: pre-treatment, stabilisation, post-treatment and membrane cleaning which are finely tuned to each other and to the membrane properties.

Sea Water Specsheet