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Solar Fuel Saver

General Application

The Solar Fuel Saver (SFS) combines solar power with new or existing diesel generators, and consists of a solar plant, a controller unit, and a cutting-edge monitoring system that regulates the power output of the solar plant with maximum efficiency. By directly reducing the load of the generator, fuel consumption is greatly decreased, and this ensures that consumers are able to save fuel and cut down on operating costs.

To put it simply, the Solar Fuel Saver connects the solar plant and the diesel generator, and in turn regulates efficient solar power output. Through additional solar power (from the PV plant), the generator’s load is reduced.

When the solar power increases, the generator is driven towards its minimum partial load. To ensure that the generator operates above the minimum partial load, the controller regulates the power output of the solar plant. This way, optimal and efficient operation are ensured.

In addition, more fuel can be saved in multi-genset systems as individual generators can be switched off — subject to whether there is a short-term storage capacity available.

Technical Features

• Full adaptability to the customers’ and project requirements
• Compatibility with all single or multiple diesel generator systems and brands
• Ability to operate in systems with or without storage
• Easy installations
• System performance data logging
• Remote and digital monitoring