Saora Industries pioneers the utilization of cutting edge technology in bringing basic amenities to where it matters. We endeavor to continuously research and develop sustainable solutions with equally passionate partners to improve the applications of our technology in the following key areas:

  • Producing clean drinking water from contaminated fresh, brackish and sea water through minimum amount of green energy
  • Removing all viruses, bacteria, chemical contaminants (arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, etc.) and salts without requiring toxic chemical treatment and harmful additives.
  • Modular and compact water purification design for the operation in mobile or permanent applications
  • Rugged and lightweight design structures for application under harsh conditions.
  • Excellent performance of water purification systems and devices through various practical maintenance program that require lower cost.
  • Maximizing utility and function of each designed system.

In areas with no access to any type of water, Saora Industries alongside global partners is researching the development of ‘Air to Water’ Technology using minimum energy and with low production and maintenance costs.

Saora Industries is always striving to work alongside global partners either cooperation, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, and governments on emerging and groundbreaking mobile water purification technologies from product testing to product commercialization ensuring low cost and sustainable impact.